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Swiftcount  | Retailer's Newest INVENTORY Management PLAtform
The Simplest & Most Powerful Way 
To Manage Your Store Inventory
Native Mobile Apps For Your Staff
Save time (and sanity) on the everyday tasks using our native Android and iOS mobile app to record movements in and out, transfer to other locations and perform inventory counts on the spot and in minutes

No need for paper or messy spreadsheets, everything is centralized in one place, and can be recorded at any time, from a smartphone or tablet.
Make it worth doing
Make managing your store inventory easy by setting up different Units Of Measures (Boxes, Packs, Units...) to your products, so your staff can order and receive in “Boxes” and still sell in “Units”, without headaches and without mismatching your inventory quantities.

Keep your inventory organized, whether managing a multi-store or single store business, while keeping the depth of tracking by setting up different locations within each store (Checkout, Shelves, Backroom, Office...)
Useful Analytics
Gain knowledge with simple and powerful analytics. You already did the work when recording all movements and counts, now you can see audit trails, forecasting and more, the way you need to see it.
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